Our Warehouse Moved

Dear Kapten,

Our 3PL – Third-Party Logistics aka the company that warehouses our products, then packs and ships them to you on our behalf – was recently bought up by a larger 3PL. This meant

  1. [Complete] Moving all of our inventory across the country, no small feat. 
  2. [Incomplete] Setting up back end operations and protocols, which include the electronic transmission of your order from our online shop to the WMS (warehouse management system). 

The delays we are currently experiencing are entirely due to the incomplete setup and link between our online shop and the warehouse's system. We have no control over this and were told this would be completed by 5/4 - the same date we relayed to our customers.

We're working around the clock to ensure all orders placed are properly transferred to the warehouse's system, but the warehouse's IT department is the sole party in control of this setup.

We're here for you if you have any questions. Reach out.

- Your Kapten Crew

Last update: May 7, 2020